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Fuckin shout out to fucking Brazilian forces that liberated the town of Montese, Italy from Nazi forces on this day in 1945.

Not everybody learns that Brazil entered WWII in 1942 as an allied force, but they did and they kicked heavy ass in Italy during 1944-1945, including taking over 20,000 prisoners.

I mean their Expeditionary Force has a fucking snake smoking a pipe as their insignia, how absolutely badass is that?


You go Brazil. Four for you Brazil.

Fun fact about the Expeditionary Force insignia!

The symbol came from an old joke about how Brazil never entered any wars. It was said, “Brazil will only enter a war the day a snake smokes.”

Basically the insignia is like a flying pig. Except more BADASS CAUSE IT’S A SNAKE

Also check out this illustration of the FEB insignia as done by Walt Disney.





Sums up their personalities pretty well.

Eddy: I can achieve anything
Edd: there’s a logical way to achieve what I want
Ed: there’s nothing standing in my way

Eddy hopping over the fence indicates his willingness to “cheat” the system, or to take a shortcut. Much like his schemes, it might end up being more work, but in his mind, cheating is the best way to get ahead.

Edd goes the neat and logical way, he’s straight forward. BUT, note that he closes the gate behind him rather than leaving it open. He’s incredibly meticulous and even if it’s more convenient to leave it open for anyone coming in behind him, he has to leave things neat, tidy and as he found them.

Ed is also is straight forward, he in fact is using the MOST direct route. But this route is one no one else would consider because it seems completely nonsensical. Which sums him up pretty well. The fact that it works for him is also fun to note. In general his earnestness and determination carries him through situations that most people would be stopped by.

(Source: greenwithenby)

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